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Guangdong Kenwei Intellectualized machinery Co.,Ltd. is a multi-head combination scale manufacturing enterprise with large production scale and wide influence in the world. It is a professional quantitative combination weighing equipment manufacturer.

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Kenwei has always adhered to the concept of “stable is saving” and “professional manufacturing, good quality, and honest operation”

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The goal of saving costs and improving production efficiency for global customers and partners is unremitting efforts。

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Multihead weigher for stick-shaped products

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  • No。 34 Zhenlian Road, Fusha Town, Zhongshan City

  • +86-760-22629213

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  • No. 34 Zhenlian Road, Fusha Town, Zhongshan City
  • +86-760-89997859/22629215
  • +86 18933374210
  • +86-760-22629213
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